Automated LAN-Party


Upload Date: 6/25/2024

.7z includs the main file itself, including a readme, remote desktop shortcut and the .vhdx virtual hard drive.

The LAN-Server.qcow2 files are for people running other virtual machines like proxmox
Available currently to LANfest Chapters for beta testing upon request.

Or if you're looking to install ALP on an existing windows machine we have a batch file which will lead you through building ALP on your box!

Slow or disconnecting downloads? Try

For installation instructions on building the VM in windows Hyper-V visit Servers

If you're looking to add a new download to your existing ALP instlation:

To add a download, copy a file into C:\wamp64\www\wp-content\uploads\download-manager-files
Then add new file or duplicate an exisiting file within the downloads admin:
Name the file and URL ending you wish to use.
Choose "Select from server" on the right and browse to the file. Sometimes this takes a few tries.
Select your file group, either games or programs on the right.
Choose your file version number at the bottom
Publish / update on the middle right.