Automated LAN-Party

Welcome to Automated LAN party!

Your one-stop virtualized server for legacy LAN game hosting.

What is Automated LAN party?

ALP was originally created as autonomous LAN party however it was decided that the old software which ran on depricated PHP and mySQL was too far gone to ressurect.
This verison of ALP pays homage to the previous, but uses modern PHP site building techniques including wordpress based services for the intranet page. Including calendar, tournament registration, downloads, and server status pages
ALP as a VM also allows us to bundle in all the games and files needed for clients to run them in one package. Simply build your VM, use our .VHDX drive and hit start.

The built in tournament, calendar, and download pages are built to take a load off of the LAN party admins runing the show. Simply have the atendees browse to the intranet page and get their information there.

Once started the virtual machine will update and launch all the game servers, and provide a portal for atendees to see what games are active, how to download the games, install them and connect.

The current server list hosted with the ALP VM includes:

What ALP is not!

ALP is not intended to be used as an online service or server. Although you can port-forward through your firewall for the game servers to allow people to connect, because mutiple places will be running the same software there could be conflicts with many of the same "LAN-Servers" on the game browsers.
ALP is not intended to be used as a web-forum or registration site prrior to LANS. Does not have a seating chart etc.